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  • Born: 23 jan. 1950

    Birthplace: Minieapolis, Minnesota, USA

    Height: 6ft. 2ins.

    Hair Colour: Dark Brown

    Eyes: Dark Brown

    Favourite Colour: Blue

    Favourite Music: Leo Kottke


    • Stuart Anderson (Father)
    • Jocelyn Anderson (Mother)
    • Jeffrey Anderson (Brother)
    • Thomas John Anderson (Brorther)
    • James Stuart Anderson (Brother)

    Girlfriend: April Proz
    daughter: Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson.

    Tv series:

    • 1976-81 General Hospital (dr. Jeff Weber)
    • 1982-83 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Adam Mcfadden)
    • 1983-84 Emerald Point N.A.S. (lt. Simon Adams)
    • 1985-92 Macgyver (Angus Macgyver)
    • 1995-95 Legend (Ernest Pratt/Nicodemus Legend)
    • 1996-96 Firehouse (Michael Books) a unaired serie
    • 1997-?? Stargate SG-1( Col. Jack O'Neil )

    Tv Mini serie:

    • 1996 Pandora's Clock (James Holland)

      Mini role in serie's

    • 1981 The Facts of life (Brian Parker)
    • 1981 Today'S FBI (Andy McFay)
    • 1982 The Love Boat (Carter Randall)
    • 2004 Stargate Atlantis (Jack O'Neil)
    • 2006 The Simpsons - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore (Himself)
    • 2009 Stargate Universe (Jack O'Neil)
    • 2011 Fairly Legal ( David Smith)

    Mini role in movie's

    • 1982 Young Doctors in love (drugs daeler)
    • 1984 Odd Jobs (spud)


    • 1986 Ordinary Heroes (Tony Kaiser)
    • 1992 In the eyes of a stranger (Jack Rourke)
    • 1992 Though the eyes of a killer (Ray Bellano)
    • 1993 Macgyver: The treasure of Atlantis (Angus Macgyver)
    • 1993 Macgyver: The Trail of Doomsday (Angus Macgyver)
    • 1994 Beyond Betrayal (Bradley Matthews)
    • 1995 Past the bleachers (Bill)

    Hosting by tv programma s

    • 1982 $2500,000 pyramid
    • 1983 $2500,000 pyramid
    • 1984 Battle of the network stars
    • 1994 World of audubon
    • 1994 Speed Hollywood"s Love affaid with racing
    • 1997 Newton's Apple
    • 2000 National Geographic Explorer (Battle For Paradise)
    • 2009 Saturday Night Live

    Richard Dean Anderson is born (23 January 1950) and raised in Minneapolis. Richard Dean Anderson is internationally known for his title role in the television series MacGyver, which ran for seven successful seasons on ABC and now airs in syndication worldwide. Anderson and his producing partner, Michael Greenburg, operating under their production company banner, Gekko Film Corp., Executive Produced

    the two MacGyver television movies that followed, Trail to Doomsday and Lost Treasure of Atlantis. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Anderson’s first career goal was to become a professional hockey player. However, after breaking both arms in separate collisions on the ice, he decided to seek other career options. As the son of a Jazz musician father and contemporary artist mother, his interests naturally turned to the humanities.

    After completing a grueling cross-country bicycle trip to Alaska, Anderson began studying drama at St. Cloud State College and Ohio University. Relocating to Los Angeles, he "paid his dues" working as a street mime, a writer/director/performer at Marineland and a jester-singer-mime-juggler at a 16th Century Renaissance-style cabaret.

    In 1976, Richard Dean Anderson was cast as Dr. Jeff Webber on ABC’s daytime drama General Hospital. His role, which he played for five years. e appeared in two short-lived television series for CBS, as the eldest brother in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in 1982, and as a hot-shot Naval pilot in Emerald Point N.A.S. in 1983, as well as numerous guest appearances in other series.

    In 1985 Richard Dean Anderson stars in the title role of Macgyver, the ABC-TV action/adventure series from Henry Winkler/John Rich Productions in assoctio with the Network Television Division of Paramount Pictures. helped launch his career.
    Richard Dean Anderson made his television movie debut in 1986 in Ordinary Heroes. Other television movies include Past the Bleachers for Hallmark, Eyes of a Stranger, Beyond Betrayal and Through the Eyes of a Killer. His most recent television movie was the extremely successful NBC mini-series Pandora’s Clock.

    In his free time Anderson plays hockey, races cars and skis any one of his favorite mountain ranges. He is the co-founder of the Celebrity All-Star Hockey Team which raises funds for charities in conjunction with the NHL and is an active fund-raiser and board member for the Challengers Club, a children’s recreational center in South Central L.A.

    Anderson recently became a father for the first time to the exceptional Wylie Quinn Annarose. Wylie, her mother Apryl and Richard share time between their homes in California and British Columbia.

    General Hospital

  • General Hospital

  • Richard Dean Anderson first gained national recognition in this long-running daytime serial. He plays the role of young resident and neurosurgeon Dr. Jeff Webber. He joined the cast from 1976 to 1981.

    General Hospital information

    Facts of Life
  • The Facts of life

  • Guest Role/ Episode: "Brian and Sylvia"
    This episode was an unsold spinoff pilot for the series The Parkers. Richard plays Tootie's uncle, married to her Aunt Sylvia. The pilot explores their happy inter-racial marriage, and deals with Sylvia's opportunity to pursue a TV-news career in New York City, and Brian's wish to remain in Buffalo as a hockey coach.

    Today's FBI
  • Today'S FBI

  • In 1981 Richard plays a Guest role in Today'S FBI - Episode The Fugitive. He plays the role of Andy McFay, a childhood friend of Al Gordean. Andy McFay had been a dispatcher in a trucking company who helped to engineer an armored car robbery, had been caught, and sent to prison.

    Love Boat
  • The Love Boat

  • In 1982 Richard plays a Guest role in The Love Boat - Episode Cold Feet. He plays the role of Carter Randall, Julie's cousin, is sailing on the cruise with his fiancée Muffy. Carter begs Julie to help him back out of the wedding by getting Muffy to fall in love with another man. However, the "other man" ends up being Carter, in a cowboy disguise.


  • Richard Dean Anderson has a small uncredited cameo role as "Vanilla", a drug-dealing ice cream vendor.

    Seven Brides
  • Seven brides for seven brothers

  • The serie is based on the 1954 MGM musical, (Howard Keel and Jane Powell)
    The story centered around the seven McFadden brothers, Richard Dean plays the eldest of the seven brothers, Adam McFaddan.

    Seven brides for seven brothers episode guide

    $25,000 PYRAMID
    Guest Contestant with Didi Conn

    $25,000 PYRAMID
    Guest Contestant with Nancy Dussault

    Emerald Point
  • Emerald Point N.A.S.

  • This one is set somewhere on the coast of the Southern US, at the Emerald Point Naval Air Station. The man in charge is Rear Adm. Thomas Mallory (Dennis Weaver), a widower and the father of three daughters. Celia, 28 (Susan Dey), hates the Navy but is married to a Navy lawyer who likes it. Kay, 24 (Stephanie Dunnam), has eyes for a handsome young pilot, Glenn (Andrew Stevens), who -- alas -- is engaged to Hilary Adams (Sela Ward), a calculating chameleon who happens to be Kay's best friend. Then there's the youngest daughter, Leslie, 22 (Doran Clark), who has made Dad proud by graduating from Annapolis. Richard Dean plays the role off lieutenant Simon Adams, a hot-shot Naval pilot. A seies about two families at the Emerald Point Naval Air station.

    Credits, Information and episode guide

    An ABC Television Special, Guest Contestant

    Odd jobs
  • Odd jobs

  • Max and five other boys are moving. They each go their own way; one becomes a waiter, the other a professional mover who is going to work with a bunch of idi-ots. There's even one who becomes a salesman for nucleair vacuum-cleaners!! Eventually the five start their own movingcompany, and borrow $20.000,00 from the maffia; wich brings them in big trouble. It turns out, that the two idiots who also work for the mo-vingcompany, steel cars. The five friends solve the mysterie of the lost cars, and everything seems o.k. But Max wants his girlfriend Sally, back. He goes to her house and she has to make a choice. She has to pick between Max or Spud. She picks Max.

    Ordinary heroes
  • Ordinary Heroes

  • Two friends, Tony and Ken, get woonded by an explosion in Vietnam. A few years earlier Tony moved in with Maria. He wants to ask her to marry him, but only gives her the ring moment before he leaves for duty. In the hospital he discovers that he is blinded by the result of the explosion. The friendship of Tony and Ken is tested to the limits. Tony doesn't want Maria to visit him, but she does anyway. She runs out after seeing Tony. He goes back to his hometown to receive an award. During a diner Tony and Maria can settle things. At the end the two lovers find eachother.

    . Macgyver

  • Angus MacGyver Is an Phoenix Foundation 'troubleshooter'. He used to work for the DXS, but when his boss Pete Thornton went to the Phoenix Foundation, he also made the change. MacGyver grew up with his grandfather and mother, after his grandmother and father died in a car-crash, when he was 9 years old. Mac's hate for guns dates back to when he was a teenager, and he and his friends 'played' with a gun, which ended in a tragedy. Mac has a lot of trouble starting a relationship with a woman, because he is afraid something bad wil happen to her as soon as they become very close, because that is what happened to all the people he loved; his father, his grandmother, his mother, and a few friends. Mac finds out he has a son, Sam (Sean Angus Malloy). Mac had a relationship with Kate Malloy about 20 years ago. Kate was killed before she could let him know about Sam. MacGyver also has a fosterchild Mac's mind is a wonder to many people, 'cause when he is in trouble, he can create something miraculeus out of anything ordinary. Mac has nobel ideas, and fights for justice. He loves the nature, and wildlife; and will stop anybody who wants to distroy this. Angus Macgyver is born on 23 March 1951 in Mission City, Minnesota.

    Credits and Information


  • Repeated appearances as guest host
    This Saturday morning children's program used Captain O.G. Readmore, a puppet cat character, to encourage children to read by introducing cartoon and live action stories based on classic children's literature. Richard made several appearances as a guest host who helped O.G. introduce the stories.

  • In the eyes of a stranger

  • In the subway a strange man is adressing Lynn Carlson. It is about a hiding place for stolen money. She's wearing headphones, so she can't hear him. When a second man enters the carriage, the first man kills himself. Lynn gets police proctection around the clock. One off the officers is Jack Rourke. They fall in love, and step by step Jack crosses more borders. Is Lynn really as honest as he thinks she is? The mysterie-puzzle will reveal part by part.

  • Through the eyes of a killer

  • Laurie desides to leave her boyfriend, Jerry Tharlton, who is cheating her. She finds a new apartment that needs a lot of work, but she takes it anyway. At the office she receives unexpected help from Ray Bellano, who is a master builder. They start a romance together that seems to be dominated by dark forces, and it looks like the apartment is comminicating with Ray. Laurie discovers the secret off her house, but is it in time to stop a bloodbath???

  • The Trail of Doomsday

  • MacGyver goes to England to celebrate the birthday of his good friend Paul. He also meets Paul's brother Fred. There's a shooting, and Paul and his daughter Elise are killed. When Mac starts to investicate, with the help of Natalia, he soon discovers a secret nuclear weapons facility.

  • The Lost Treasure of Atlantis

  • Macgyver, his archaeology proessor, and an old friend team up to search for the legendary treasure of Atlantis, but an enterprising Englishman and his partner want the treasure for other reasons.

    Beyond Betrayal
  • Beyond Betrayal

  • Joanna Matthews is hiding and living under the name Emma Doyle. This is necessary to escape her abusive husband. It sounds very easy, but it isn't because Bradley Matthews is a police officer. He is a good police officer although this is how he appears; the real Bradley is a cool, calculating, sociopath something Joanna already knew; but who will beleive her???

  • WORLD OF AUDUBON/ Tenth Anniversay Special

  • Richard Dean Anderson is Guest Host
    Lauren Hutton and Richard Dean Anderson co-host a special retrospective that examines some of the most significant Audubon specials in the past ten years. Richard participates in a program for releasing wolves back into the wild, and a plan for cleaning up Long Island Sound.


  • Richard (Guest) hosts a special look back at the important role auto racing has had in Hollywood movies, as actors and professional race car drivers share their stories, experiences, and film clips.

  • Legend"

  • Anderson stars as Ernest Pratt, a gambling, womanizing, hard-drinking writer who has created a dashing literary hero, Nicodemus Legend, the main character in a wildly imaginative series of dime novels set in the dangerous, untamed West. Pratt has created Legend in his own image, and all the novels are written in the first person. Because of this, many readers believe that
    Ernest Pratt is Nicodemus Legend.

  • Legend - info and episode guide

    Past the Bleachers

  • Sedgebury, Vermont. It's summer, and baseball season started. The roads of a few people are crossing eachother. Bill Parish, who is still in mourning over his son; Hilton Burberry, organisor for the baseball games and still looking for a new coach; Lucky Diamond, a 10-year old mysterious mute child; and Ed Godfrey, a senior citizen who came to realise that he is getting old. All these people are important for Lucky, who finally may have a chance for a family maybe!

    Credits and Information


  • Firehouse is a unaired CBS Television series. Richard Dean Anderson (Lieutenant Michael Brooks) leads a team of New York City firefighters.

    Credits and Information


  • In this four-hour miniseries.
    James Holland a 46 year old former fighter pilot, now serving as a 747 captain for Quantum airlines. Although a former militrary man, James Holland is a maverick who recognizes the limitations of goning by the book.

    Credits and Information

    Newton's Apple

  • In a segment taped in December of 1996, Richard shares the physics of hockey with viewers of this PBS science program for young people. Through a series of on-ice demonstrations, Richard shows how direction, mass and acceleration affect the force one hockey player has on another.

    Stargate SG-1

  • Based on the 1994 MGM movie StarGate, this science fiction adventure series stars Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill, a soldier who must lead a team of highly trained experts on a classified mission through an infinite corridor that slices across universes. The series, which has a commitment of 88 episodes for Showtime television, enters syndication in the fall of 1998, and is currently in production in Vancouver, British Columbia.
    Credits and Information


  • CNBC Television Series
    Guest/Episode: "Battle For Paradise"
    Airdate: October 15, 2000
    National Geographic Explorer sets out to explore the magic of Headwall Canyon, a remarkable wilderness 60 miles outside Vancouver. Richard joins Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Kathy Francis, chief of the Klahoose First Nation, and host Boyd Matson for an exploration of North America's last true wilderness.

  • Stargate Atlantis

  • Richard plays a Guest role in Stargate Atlantis
    Rising (16 July 2004)
    The Real World (18 August 2006)
    The Return: Part 1 (22 September 2006)
    The Return: Part 2 (20 November 2006)

    Stargate Atlantis informatie

  • 2006 The Simpsons - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore (Himself)

  • Richard plays a guest star role in The Simpsons (Season 17, episode 17)
    Guest/Episode: 9 april 2006
    Patty and Selma kidnap Richard Dean Anderson from his Stargate SG-1 convention and tie him to a chair. From there, he manages to escape by using one of his contacts to focus the sunlight and burning the ropes, only to discover that he loves escaping, and starts having Patty and Selma put him through increasingly complex MacGyver-esque kidnapping trials.

  • Stargate Universe

  • Richard plays a Guest role in Stargate Universe
    Air: Part 2 (2 October 2009)
    Air: Part 1 (2 October 2009)
    Air: Part 3 (9 October 2009)
    Earth (6 November 2009)
    Subversion (1 January 2010)
    Incursion: Part 2 (1 January 2010)

    Stargate Universe informatie

  • Fairly Legal

  • Richard plays a guest star role in Fairly Legal
    The Two Richards, UltraVinyl

    Fairly Legal informatie