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My two favorite things
At last! My two favorite things are combined. A--Do I have to explain???.....Richard Dean Anderson. B--Sci-fi.I already hoped that Richard would appear as a gast in a movie or tv-show of this genre, because they are extremely popular in Holland. But, I don´t think we should put him in such a tight suit like the Star-Trek crew....(..although..) or to hide him completely behind a Klingon-Mask. He would have to act a complete different role as he did so far, but NO, I don´t think so. No, ´our´ Ricky-Dean deserves a tv-show of his own! And I`m very happy he´s such a good, close friend of Michael Greenburg (also a very hunky guy), ´cause ´Mike´ found out about Starga-te SG-1 as one of the first, and thank God, he asked Richard, because who knows who else would have played the part if he hadn´t. A great deal of the budget is used for F/X. For those who expect large UFO´s with laser-beams shooting every where, or ridicoulos looking robots; no, I have to disappoint you. It´s used for large sets, and very original costumes. Richard looks very sharp as Jack O`Neill, with very short hair. (some of you don´t agree, but I love it!!) I think this role suits him better than the one of stiff captain James Holland from ´Pand-ora´s Clock´. O´Neill loves action and.....PUN!! (Sound like someone whe know??) For example; he asks a dying friend if he can have his stereo!! O`Neill has trouble with the ´system´, but remains a good leader for his team. In this role, different from MacGy-ver, O`Neill uses weapons and a lot of adult language. But once again, Ricky-Dean is one of the ´good guys´ , and that is one of the reasons why I think this role is so credible, because he IS a good guy! In the pilot of Stargate SG-1, the first 10 minutes it looks like he´s not happy in his role, but from the moment where he sees Jackson and Skaara on Abydos, you can see the familiar twinkle in his eyes. (And we love to see that twinkle) And you can see that he loves to play the role with heart and soul. THAT´S entertainment; you can almost taste how much he enjoys it. I hope I don´t curse anything, but I hope we´ll be able to look at it on a local channel very, very soon, instead of video-copy´s.

I´ll keep you informed, untill the next time,
Erika Heis/Holland.

Since I watch MacGyver, I also lead a much more complicated life. Don´t get me wrong; I do love it. Every episode I learn something new. But in my days before Mac I could leave the house with only a set of keys; TODAY I KNOW BETTER!! I´ll never forget packets of chewing gum ( a--for plugging leaks; B--the silver rapper makes a handy lure (oh, don´t forget an angling rod). I also bring cola; 7-up; Frizzle and dried ice, may I need a smoke screen. (Who doesn´t have those moments where you meet someone you don´t want to see??). I also bring an umbrella, not only handy in the rain, also very usefull to throw as a hook when you´re stuck in an eleva-tor. (also bring rope). A warm winter-bonnet, to keep eggs warm (very nice when you´re having a pick-nick). And of course I`m dragging along lots of paperclips, pencils, tape, chocolate, and don´t forget cotton, petrol and fertilizer, just in case a good friend needs a bomb! I can hear you all think; ´MacGyver doesn´t take all these things with him!!´ NO! But he has a script, so he does know exactly what is going to happen. Unfortunatly, (or not) we don´t have a script that tells us all that we can expect. Well, you know, I am a very smart girl; prepared for every disaster. So; before I´m going to bring this letter to the mailbox, I´ll check my lugage. The sky is very dark, so I´m gonna add a parachute.

Till next time, (I hope), Erika

Meeting Mac...???
I´m trying to find the PERFECT way to get in touch with Richard Dean Anderson/MacGyver. ( Don´t tell me you are not thinking about it!!) But, is this a very wise idea? On one of those very rainy days (yes, it happens in Holland too), I was watching a few old MacGyver-video tapes, and I discovered a very remarkable fact. It is not al all healthy to be a friend or acquaintance of him, because it doesn´t end very happy for most of them. I shall give you a few examples. To start with ´Trumbo´s world´. In this episode Mac´s friend Charlie was killed by killer-ants. In ´Countdown´ his old Vietnam-buddy Charlie dies, when he and Mac are on board of a cruise-ship, trying to defuse a bomb. In ´Flames end´, Mac´s girlfriend dies, because of a car-bomb. (Yes, I know her best friend was in the car when it exploded, but the terrorists didn´t know) In ´Fire and Ice´ Mac witnesses the killing of his friend Danny Carpenter (Nikki´s brother). In ´Jack in the Box´, a fellow prissoner (who knew Mac just a little while) is shot dead, and in ´The widowmaker´, his ´girl-friend´ Mike falls from a very, VERY high mountain, after she revealed to Mac she wanted to be more than just friends. (oops). Even his childhood friends (who thought after all those years to be safe) are now thinking over their sins in the here-after! Just remember Booker, who died in ´The Challenge´; or Father Jim, who was killed in ´There but for the Grace´, and Earl Stringer, who dies after a little blunder with a bomb in ´The Prometheus Syndrome´. And I didn´t even mention his young years, where it all did start, as you can see in ´Blood Brothers´, as his friend Jesse was shot by Mac´s gun. Even if you just met him, you are not safe for this ´MacGyver-curse´. Just look at Victor in `Humanity´. Mac and he are going a long way before they become friends, and short after this, Victor dies. But, Mac´s own life is on the line many times too. Like in ´Target MacGyver´, when Assassin Axminster wants to kill him, or more resent, when Deborah has the same mission in `The negotiator´. OH, well. I´m not going to give up so easy. I´ll buy a box off garlic, and ´borrow´ some holy water from the local church. While I`m writing this article, I realise that I havn´t heard anything for a while from Katharina Witt or Marlee Martin. And nobody has heard or seen anything from Dalton James since ´The stringer´. Do we have to asume they are laying low? Or can we be sure off the fact that they where also caught by the Mac-curse!!! Anyway; I wish you all a good night.

Hopefully till next time, Erika Heis/Holland.

The first Macgyverism
Somewhere in Minnesota a little boy dragged his feet to kindergarden.
It is cold, VERY COLD....but that's not the reason why he's walking with lead in his shoes,
- Oh no! Recently there's a new boy in kindergarden;......MURDOC.....!
It already was 'trick or treat' with that Dalton kid every day....(Jack always pulled little 'stunts',
like the day when he emptied the entire sandpit onto the school yard,
because he was convinced that Captain Bluebeard had hidden his big treasure in there).
-In the middle of Minnesota!!

No, This kid was even worse. If you were in any way wounded by Jack, it was an accident.
With Murdoc it was usually intended. Until September the entire class had lead a quiet life.....and
then this horrible, spoilt, strange speaking, scarecrow came along.
He pretty soon discovered that the teachers favourite kid's name was MacGyver;
Angus MacGyver.....ANGUS!!! It all started with harmless name calling.
"Gus" wasn't exactly fond of this name, but,...he didn't care. Murdoc invented somethin new!
He put frogs in MacGyver's satchel. Mac, being a friend to all animals, thought it was a present.
Then he took Mac's girlfriend; but Mac wasn't ready for a 'steady thing'.
Then he did somethin very cruel......he took Mac's new hockey skates!!!!
- Out of order, he shouldn't have done that! Mac knew he was going to get a bigger size at Christmas,
but this impertinent, rude behaviour had to be punished, so it wouldn't happen again.

With very firm steps, (as far as that goes for a 4-year old), Mac walked over to Murdoc,
and before he knew what hit him, he'd kicked him under his butt.....
With a lot of speed and screaming with pain he slid over the slippery school yard. "Wauwieh!",
Jack called....,"How did you do that?" "Oh, very simple", Mac said with a contented grin....,
"I put lead in my shoes!!!"

by Erika Heis

'Good luck' for Gekko

U.S.A.; A young couple wanted to visit relatives, but when the man started to drive,
the wheel didn't work, and the alarm-lights went on. He stopped the car,
and they decided to use their other car. When they got home at 19:00 p.m.,
the man wanted to take a quick look under the hood to see what was wrong.
He saw something that looked like a snake. He called 911, but all the cars where out on duty.
He decided to take a look under the car hims elf, and did not only see a big tail,
but also a few huge claws! It wasn't a snake......but maybe an alligator?
He dialed the number of a specialist in catching wild animals that where lost in the suburb.
It turned out to be a GEKKO; a big and dangerous one! It got stock between the engine and the V-cord,
when they had started the car. They tried everything; soap to let it slide out; icecubes to make it a little smaller,
etc. Nothing worked. For a moment they concidered to kill the animal, and get it out in pieces;
but they decided that this was a cruel solution. (Thank God!).
Eventually they stunned the Gekko, so they could loosen a few srews and bolts,
and at midnight the animal was finally freed from it's tight spot.
The specialist took the animal so he could treat little cuts.
It turned out that the animal had been used as a 'pet', but the owner never came to get it back.

Thank God the people of 'GEKKO FILM CORP', (owned by Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Greenburg) ,
heard about the rescue, and bought the animal, so it's now a good luck Gekko, or as we in Holland say a "Mascotte".
The Gekko now lives in a beautiful and big shelter.

by Erika Heis